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Default Re: any sugestions for good "stater" hookah?

Here is the thing you don't have to get a KM, A Nour, or even a MYA to enjoy smoking a Hookah. The way I see it a starter hookah is one that is easy to clean, easy to transport, just plain easy. You don't want to get a 42" hookah for your first hookah cause chances are the pain in the butt dragging that thing out setting it up and then cleaning it will turn you off from hookah ownership. Then again if you get one that leaks or constatly gets water up the hose or whatever then again turn you off from hookah big time. You definitely don't have to spend a fortune to get started, You don't have to get a 2" wide stem, AND YOU DON'T NEED BRAND NAMES to be happy with your hookah smoking experience. The only way you would want to cut yourself for buying something other than a Nour or a KM is if you come into the forums and believe the hype. Any pipe that doesn't have gaps in the welds and is made out of non-rusting metals will work well and last a good long while. I won't say you will be unhappy buying a KM or a Nour. You will likely be very happy. You will also always fit in with everyone else if that is important to you. If you are looking to get started in a hobby with a good pipe then find a reputable dealer (this place is crawling with them) find a nice looking pipe, ask questions, purchase and enjoy. It seems silly to me that there are even brand names for this. I mean briar and Meerschaum smokers can be borderline fanatical about their pipes but you don't see neer this level of idol worship.

A starter hookah is one that gets you on the ground running, is inexpensive, easy to maintain, and looks good to the person smoking it. Our first experience was with a not very well maintained (cleaned every time but just not meticulously taken care of like some), not very well made hookah with a common 3 or 4 dollar cheapo hose. I gotta say that if it were necessary to have a KM to enjoy smoking then I would never have gotten this far with it. Maybe I don't know what I am missing but you know what who cares. I enjoy it. From what I hear mine is better made and better quality than any I have smoked. To me I say excellent if it is that much better then bully for me. Someday I may get the opportunity to smoke a KM or something like that and when I do I may say wow now that is worth more than double the price of mine. However, with the way money goes lately I kind of doubt it.
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