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Default Ordering Second Hookah

Hey Guys. I've been smoking for about three months out of a 19" Mya hookah. Now that I've gotten decent at heat management and smoking in general I am looking to buy my second hookah. I never posted here at Hookah Pro before, but I've red many threads deciding on what hookah to go for. From what I've read I think I've decided on a KM Hookah. I've been looking at this hookah here:

From what I can tell it seems like the exact same thing as a KM Tri-metal, just under a different name. I was wondering if anyone else could confirm my assumption, and tell me whether or not it seems like a legit hookah.

Basically I'm looking at getting a hookah in the small 30 inches range with about the same price range. The one posted above is the front runner so far, but I am definitely open to your suggestions. And if anyone knows where else I can order a 32" KM tri-metal at the moment that would be greatly appreciated. The only other tri-metal I have found is at Hookah Company but its only a 29 inch. That may not make much of a difference though.

I will appreciate any help and assistance you guys can offer.
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