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Default Re: Small Hookah Bottom Line

Originally Posted by shishaholiC
HookahMaster, IMO what you are saying is not really true. I have both big and small hookahs and i Never noticed difference if the bowl is packed right. My current main ring is my handmade HHH ( which stands 12 inches high including the bowl. It produces the best clounds and the most flavourful smoke after the AF hookahs at the lounge. But if you get the bowl wrong it more difficult to save it unless you change the water.

Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but like I said, from my personal experience I've noticed that there definetly is a difference... and from my experience it hasn't been set up error, because I was the one who set up my friends 13 inch Mya Diva, and then I set up my own 29 inch Mya Column, and the two hookahs were WORLDS apart in flavor and smoke density... and I packed them both in the same exact way with the same shisha with the same bowl, and trust me, there was definetly a difference... but everyone's experiences will be different so....
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