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Default Re: Boston Smoke Ban

Zen, what state would that be? I tend to think the states that are most conservative are (like my state of Georgia) in the south, and are probably some of the heaviest smoking states in the nation.

This is why I have some strong libertarian tendencies. Quite frankly, the logic here is saying "We know what's good for you better than you do." Since the only people affected by the smoke are those choosing to smoke in these establishments (As opposed to diners in restaurants), and I highly doubt any non-smokers would be applying for jobs in these places, I don't see where the government has a right to step in. Personally, I think if this goes through the owners of those establishments in Boston should file a class action lawsuit against the city for depriving them of their livelihoods and considerable investments. This falls into the category of, yes my right to swing my fist ends where someone else's nose begins, but if I want to beat the hell out of myself, no one has a right to stop me damnit.

Edit: OOOOH GET THIS! *insert expletives of your choice here* From MyFoxBoston

If the expanded ban passes, the tobacco sales bans on campuses and pharmacies would go into effect in 60 days. Since the smoking bars have five years to shut down, that could leave time for compromise. Mayor Tom Menino supports the expanded ban because of a commitment to stopping youth smoking, said spokesman Nick Martin. But Menino is open to compromise with the city's six cigar bars because they're neighborhood businesses and attract an older audience than the hookah bars, Martin said.

Swartz said the unexpected rise in license requests for the hookah bars was a major reason the city moved to lift the exemption for smoking bars. Just one hookah bar was licensed when the smoking ban went into effect in 2004, but now five hookah bars have permits. The bars are popular near college campuses, and offer tobacco in various flavors, including watermelon and chocolate chip. People use a hookah pipe -- common in Asia and Africa -- to inhale smoke filtered through water.

This whole thing is being heavily supported by "Americans for Nonsmoker's Rights." I have a question. What about the rights of smokers?

I forget who said it or what the exact quote is (If someone knows or could find it, I'd be greatly appreciative) but this reminds me of something to the effect of "The rights of the few being crushed by the will of many." Now, I'm not saying this will cause something on the scale of the deprivation of rights of the Holocaust, but I think taking away the rights of a minority (smokers, who I'm not entirely sure are a minority by too much) in their own places to appease the will of the many who are not affected by the minority's actions is a DANGEROUS slope to step upon.

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