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Default Re: How to order or ask for tobacco

Originally Posted by Wharbone View Post
Actually, no. Smoke shops in my area have AF for 9.99. I've bought Tangiers on sale for 8.50. Naklha on 50% off sale for about $3.50. Starbuzz for $20.

Much cheaper than buying online with shipping. I have not found any markets in town that sell hookah tobacco.
Wow I would like to catch that sale. Although AF is cheaper here a $3.50 sale on Nakhla would be awesome. I really should get a 250g of Double apple now that I think about it. My wife loves that stuff and I am really starting to like it. Though she is scaring me starting to really like AF. For two reasons it is harder to find and even harder for me to ask for and it is double the money. But she also is in love with bulk coals. I guess we will be trying out some naturals to see if it is just as good or if it is the hickory and mesquite coals we have been smoking that she loves. Then I guess I am relegated to making my own. Which if I can put together the proper indirect firing rig for that it will save me money on coals and artistic charcoal at the same time.
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