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Default Re: How to order or ask for tobacco

Originally Posted by highlight View Post
Sound like you ran into the shisha nazi. "NO SHISA FOR YOU."
Well the one place if I know what I want and am ready to pay immediately and get out of their way fast then I am sure it won't be a problem. They aren't much for browsing or questions. The other places I just have to be patient and keep at it till I either get my point across or give up. But really there is one store that is really easy and Shisha tobacco is on an isle in the grocery store. I browse I buy I leave no problem. It is just a little further away than is really convenient when I know there are places closer that have it but I just can't get my point across quickly. I am getting better though. I actually asked about Al Fakher without too much confusion recently. That is some kind of improvement.
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