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Default Re: Opening a hookah Lounge/Restaurant

Originally Posted by Sykotik View Post
Hey fellas, i've been thinking of opening a hookah lounge/Restaurant.
How much would it cost? estimate? I was thinking maybe i could get a vendor and advertise that vendor in return for Discounted hookahs and supplies. Also my father could be the cook since he owned a few restaurants before.
Im thinking maybe a 2 story buildling, 1st story = restaraunt, 2nd story = Lounge with a Bar but with shisha, charcoal, etc.

I am really excited about this and this will take TIME so yeh. but overall it will be worth it.
Wow if I thought something that elaborate would make any money I know the perfect place in downtown Nashville. It used to be an Irish Pub (one of the better ones with real Irish food), on 4th and Broadway and it was a two story monster of a place that hasn't had any tenants since Seanachie's went out of business there. Restaurant down stairs means families could come and dine and it would be smoke free as all non-21 and up places are in Tennessee now. Upstairs would be 21 and up so as to allow smoking and would be a Hookah Lounge. I like the idea but I am just not sure it would fly here. Great part though is it is Nashville so you can definitely get plenty of live music.
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