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Default Re: the Legal age of 18

Several College presidents are pushing for the legal drinking age to be lowered to 18 as well. the idea being that the trend is for underagers to binge at parties during college and when you are 21 you go nuts but only for about a semester then you settle in and move on. The novelty wears off. The idea is if you lower the drinking age then the summer between high-school and college will be the stupid with alcohol thing and by the time you make it to college you may have a semester or so where you just go crazy with it because of all the freedom but for the most part you won't because well by then what is the point it isn't forbidden you can just get a beer with dinner or party with your friends or whatever and it cuts back on all that. I don't know whether they are right or not but a lot of very smart people think so. I think 18 is a legitimate age for the smoking. There are biological reasons for it but more so turning 18 is a rite of passage a big deal. You probably should be able to smoke and drink and own property and all the benefits of making it to our societies rite to adulthood which is less a rite as just a passage. The world gets dumped on you when you are 18 and mommy and daddy can no longer take resposibility for you. If you do something stupid they may bail you out or help bail you out but it doesn't fall on them any more. So I think that should be the age for all that.
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