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Default Re: What does it all mean!? Hookah, Shisha, Maassel, Tobamel, Narghile?

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
Hajo has taught me a lot! He is very knowledgeable! .. and I consider him a great friend that I have made through our hobby and passion that we share for hookah/narghile!

Hajo is one of the first Members to join the Hookah Pro Community! Holy Crap, can you believe that Hajo!? Seems like only yesterday! You have taught me a lot my friend!
Thanks for that Samb. One thing I like about narghile stuff is that i'm always learning new stuff. When I think about all the people i've known that have forgotten more about this stuff then I know i'm just blown away.

Yeah you're right right Samb it's hard to believe that HP has been around so long. Backe then there was just a few of us and now look at the size of this place! Anyway, it's great to count you as a friend.
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