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Default Re: the Legal age of 18

Originally Posted by The Egyptian View Post
Not true, read more. There is a close in age exemption in many jurisdictions, sometimes if the difference is less than 5 years in age and sometimes if it is 10, it's OK. Meaning if one partner is below age of consent, and the other is above it, but age diff is less than X years defined by law, it is OK in this case. For example, couples in high school where one partner is older and becomes 18 a year or two before the other does.
usually its only 3 or so years though in most states, IIRC va has one of the largest ones at 4 years but i cant remember. honestly though 16 and 20 is a little sketchy, even 16 and 19 is kinda iffy, IMHO just because the priorities of the people are much different a 16year old is worried about the prom where a 19 year old is either worried about making money to live or getting a carrier going/in school to get a carrier going.

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