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Originally Posted by emu103 View Post
i started smoking shisha a little while ago, i had a 18 inch mya, and got a leila a few weeks ago.

i really havent found the right brand of shisha for me though.

i bought hookah-hookah and al waha from a local shop and they are both trash imo.

my local hookah bar serves al fakher, and i am pleased with it.
and i ordered 5- 50 gram boxes of romman tobacco with my leila
i really like the blueberry.

but my question is this.
ive never smoked any tobacco products my entire life until now. and the buzz i get is sickening. i know there must be a adjustment time because im not used to nicotene, but in the meantime is there any high quality, loww nicotene buzz tobbacco brands out there that anyone can reccomend?
i dont mind spending money on quality tobacco, ive always been the person to spend the extra money to get what i want.
In terms of what to smoke for new smokers I would say that Salloum's fruity flavours are the best.

In terms of getting sick that is a matter of how you smoke rather then what you smoke. See for details.
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