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Default Re: Opening a hookah Lounge/Restaurant

Originally Posted by CPill View Post
well here's how i think of guesstimating start up costs solely for the hookah portion:
say 40 hookahs, at $80/each = 3,200
and then maybe 200 boxes of 250g of AF flavors, at $10/each = 2,000
and then furiniture could be however expensive or not expensive you want it to be lol. so i'd say 5,500 for hookah + tobacco?
sadly most hookah places do not have quality hookahs, but wholesale cheap ones, that could be his intial option + premium hookah for a higher cost to the customer, and remember, most places cost around like 10bucks for an initial setup, he'll make the hookah back, but its the location costs that will get him.

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