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Default Re: Opening a hookah Lounge/Restaurant

even the crapy place here has myas, and i think they are glass myas (or they at least look like myas, but i havent been since i have known the differance). but you could probably get a bunch of acrylic myas for 50 bucks a pop and they will smoke fine but be a little less likely to break.

honestly if you can pull in customers getting $10 rigs vs $50 rigs isnt a huge deal, thats a half a week of sales instead of one night

the other thing, i know the whole alcohol thing has come up but if you make it 21+ only allowed where the hookahs can be smoked because alcohol is served there you are going to lose a huge customer base. honestly you would probably have more customers and better sales with out alcohol in the hookah area allowing 18+ in instead of 21+ with alcohol. and also if it is a restaurant style place it might just be easier to card and/or do wrist bands/X'ed hands


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