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Originally Posted by hookahpimp
ok i dont wanna go off topic and all but what is the big deal with these scali mods? for all these years we have smoked hookah with normal bowls that the smoke travels down, now we are finaly moving up and improving the hookah.... but why would you want to get the smoke from the bottome of the bowl.... i just dont get it....

I do not think that is how it works. The coals are still atop the bowl as always. The draw pulls the heat through the Shisha and into the juices that collect in the gutter of the funnel. The mod allows the smoke to travel freely into the bowl, no hampered by hole plugging etc...

The mod allows the smoke collected (the same as always) to be unobstructed as it travels down the stem and into the water.

The mod greatly enhances or better said, allow the full flavor of the shisha to be enjoyed.
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