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Default Re: First Al Fakher Order

bro ive tried A LOT of AF and lucky for me i never ran into a bad batch, and hopefully you dont either. If you are getting the strawberry it is prbly one of the most tastiest if you mix it with AF orange. Do a 70%orange 30%strawberry.

Melon is awesum by itself and also as a mixer with orange. Orange by itself is amazing too, it is always on my top stash. Grape-mint is great, lemon-mint is "alright" and by that i mean it taste more like lemon than mint. AF mint is a great flavor that you can never go wrong with. AF watermelon, its a bit intense (for me that is) so that is a flavor i would never get from AF. Cocktail is also another flavor i pass, i rathar get tropical punch from fumar (its amazing). If you get a good batch of grape like ive been getting you will fall in love with it. Double apple is one of my faves too but it is more licorice tasting (which i like), single apple and eskandari apple are also good choices.

Overall i hope you enjoy the flavors you got and are blessed with the good stuff and not the rancid like some of the members here have gotten.

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