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Default Re: Opening a hookah Lounge/Restaurant

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
correct that va has had to have smoking and non smoking sections but that has been around for as long as i can remember, its not a recent development like a lot of the bans
Yeah Now I would be surprised if Alabama goes to a smoking ban. LOL. You should read their laws. It is like if there is any question then it will be decided by the owner. Like if it is deemed by the owner to be too small to have separate sections then it is up to him to decide whether it will be smoking or not smoking. I cracked up. It was almost as though why write the laws. They tax pretty well though.

All I am saying is that smoking sections law has been around forever or more to the point as long as TN's last law until the end of last year. Now it is 21 and up. As precedent builds don't be surprised if things change quickly. No one wants to be the last to pass a law everyone else is passing. No state wants to look backwards so if everyone is putting bans on smoking the other legislatures will do the same.
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