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Default Re: the Legal age of 18

Yeah at most a semester or so would suffer right at the start. A bit of academic probation and your parents coming down on you cause they aren't paying for you to party blah blah blah and bingo back on track drinking like a normal person. Of course one of their points is that it would cut down on Alcoholism and I am not sure that would be true. Their point is they basically have access to it for a while before they can buy it legally so they go nuts whenever they can binge enough at anything and addict you become. I don't know that lowering the age will help that but I do know that it isn't illegal for someone over 18 to be in possession of alcohol only to buy it in TN so if they lower the age to 18 for buying it and crack down harder on the whole possession under 18 then it could help a bit.
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