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Default Re: Opening a hookah Lounge/Restaurant

All it takes is a couple of state legislators getting a hair up their butt and it might not go to a public vote just a state senate vote. As to northern virginia but not there it is possible that it could be done by city or county but is the money in Northern Virginia or the rest of the state? The money makes the decisions if the wealthy people decide they want to be like all the states around them then you can get some pretty strange stuff happening. Personally I like the way it is here. I find cigarette smoke offensive and if that means I am limited to where I can smoke cigars, pipes, or hookahs then so be it. I can do that at home and let the addicted masses figure out where they can go to smoke their fermaldahyde.

Anyway what I am saying is just be prepared to make adjustments. It isn't likely that they will go all New York City on you and make you go outside even at a bar to smoke. It seems that most places are going a bit more moderate and making age restrictions or any place making so much of their revenue from alcohol or tobacco or whatever restrictions. Then you just have to adjust. The restaurant would work really well for that if you have it set up the way you are talking about. Upstairs could be more of a bar type thing or maybe not even but if the laws were like TN let's say. Then the downstairs is a nice family restaurant a place where you can come in and enjoy a good Lamb with mint sauce and then you have to show your license to go upstairs to the lounge. Would work out great here I think.
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