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Default Re: the Legal age of 18

Originally Posted by III_3_TDS_3_III View Post
true ^^^ however i can still see where fezzik is coming with his point with the college presidents if kids use that last summer after high school to go crazy they would get it out of the way before college. i know for a fact the semester of college when i turned 21 suffered (grade wise, of course it was fun)
o no i totally agree, i think an age for alcohol is stupid, im from an italian family on my mom side and ive had wine with diner since i was rather young, its not a big deal to me, ya i enjoy a few now and then to get a heavy buzz but i really dont like getting drunk and i think its because it was never the thing i couldnt touch. heck when we went out to eat and i ordered tea to drink my grandma looked at me and said "o our not going to have wine matthew?" and i just kind of laughed and said "remember im not 21 grandma" and then she remembered that out in public i couldnt get alcohol.

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