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Default Re: Boiling Tangiers and Chinese phunnel bowls

Originally Posted by View Post
You can also use a very fine grit sandpaper, think along the lines of 1000 or more, and you can wet sand the gunk off, it works and you can also use some soapy water or boil it after, to get it squeaky clean, but be careful you don't sand it off too much.
Gotta try that, but I am afraid I might end up sanding off the glaze

Originally Posted by Scoop View Post
i use a metal wooly and all the bowls i have are pretty clean. boiling them may be a good idea anyhow though
Trust me mine were gunked with burnt stuff beyond that. I tried metal wooly and it did nothing.

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
the green scrub pads for like 30cents work perfect for this.
See comment above. Mine were burnt badly, the scrub pad did not do zelch. I abused my bowls pretty bad

Originally Posted by Jinzx View Post
wonder if I can boil my mnh scalli mod aswell. its pretty thin, what do you guys think?
Yes, as long as it made of glass or clay or some heat tolerant material.

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
how about my mnh jet funnel.. theres no risk for it to crack or something right?
Put it in lukewarm water, boil it with the water (do not dip in hot boiling water), then when it is done with boiling, leave it there to cool off with the water (removing it could expose it to much cooler room temp which might crack it or shatter it), then after the water is cold enough, remove the bowls and rinse them.

Originally Posted by krampi View Post
Just be sure to not give it a thermal shock. Put it in the room temperature water and boil the water with the bowl in it. After that wait till the bowl cools down to a room temperature in the water too. Thats it. Takes a little time, but there shouldn't be any problem.

Originally Posted by Huskysibe View Post
When I boil my phunnels I use baking soda and it works everytime.
Gotta try that next time instead of the soap.

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
My experience is opposite yours actually. My Chinese one gets shit gunked up on it constantly, and my Phunnels stay clean so I don't even have to boil them like I did my Chinese.
I said chinese phunnels, not chinese clay. Did u mean that?

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
I soak bowls in hot water but never boil anything. After I scrub with a scratchy sponge and rise I soak the bowls in alcohol for an hour or so to get the odor out. I then let them soak in cool water for about 30 minutes before letting them dry.
Damn it Hajo, u always come up with sophisticated answers to anybody's problem
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