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Default Re: Fumari - Island Papaya (Review / Discussion)

Originally Posted by bradedup View Post
starbuzz is like 18 for 250g....fumari is 9 bucks for 100g. fumari is more expenisve?
19.99 is the most common. Factor in the discounts, and you are right it's about 18 or less. Fumari costs more in the long run because you only get 200 grams for a discounted price, so you basically get 50 less grams of Fumari.

This is all rough, but I am pretty sure it's correct.

But, also, you have to factor in that you are paying for quality, which in a lot of cases SB just doesn't have.

Wait, I'll just do it. These are with shipping.
1 can of 250 SB: $24.07 total
2 packs of 100 Fumari (200) : $23.65

SB is cheaper, but only by cents. SO Fumari makes that up in quality.

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