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Default Re: Fumari - Island Papaya (Review / Discussion)

I smoke 2 to 3 times a day and atleast half of my stock is fumari. I absolutely love the papaya, guava, banana, mint (very strong menthol), and plum. I've been smokin the papaya for about 4 months now ever since it was released to retailers. My buddy owns a shop and the day it came out we had to pase our selves for fear of getting burnt out on it. He buys kilos and breaks them into small 100g plastic tupaware containers for easier usage (and to probably make a decent extra buck) cause the fumari 100g package isnt all that great. Anyways if you can get your hands on some papaya go for it...i like to mix it with a touch of guava, romman almond and al fakhers creamy vanilla. Its bigggidy bomb shell...!
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