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Default Re: hookah moochers

It's one thing to offer people to smoke and wanting money for it, which I believe is highly irrational. Yet it is also another thing for people that come over wanting to smoke and you wanting money, which is a more valid arguement.

If I offer to people and they are willing to pitch in for all the times they've smoked, I will gladly accept the offer. But it's quite BS when people have the audacity to say "you smoked all my stuff" when they've only paid partially for what was smoked and also smoke all the shisha from countless amounts of bowls prior. In the past year of smoking with friends and acquaintences, I've only had one person offer (out of 30+ people) and he pulled that move. There are also the people who come over to "hang out" and just end up smoking, sleeping, and eating all my food without asking or saying thank you. Those are the people I have no problem with telling off.

Outside of that lowsy group of associations I do have 2 other friends from a different group that have their own hookahs and we switch off with whose shisha gets smoked and whose coals are used. That is the company I truly enjoy. After all that time I've pretty much cast all the others out.
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