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Default Re: hookah moochers

I have the same problem.

Few colleagues of mine started having smoking gatherings at a colleague's place. First time I went there I offered bringing my rig and stuff, they said it's OK we have more than enough. I only shared few puffs of a bowl..... Nothing much.

Next party I brought in my two rigs, lots of AF tobacco, and I had no problem letting them smoke my stuff. No one else brought anything, not even a single bag of bulk coals.

Then they hear I got some SB. SB is not sold here in Egypt and it is almost impossible to get since customs would not let tobacco in without massive taxes (700%) as well as lots of paperwork, tests and approvals.

Anyways, only way to get SB is with a friend coming here from the US, and that is what I did. They knew of it, they told me they wanted to "taste" it. So they set up a gathering, I go there, they smoke and waste my tobacco like there is no tomorrow. They dump bowls after like 15 minutes to get a "fresher taste" because "it got burnt". And guess what, they pick on me, make condescending humor and all their put-downs are targeted at me. F***ing a**holes.

Anyways, remember a can of SB is $20, which is EGP 110, which is VERY much money in Egypt. and costs 3 times as much as AF or 30 times as much as Nakhla. This is expensive tobacco and not to be treated like that, plus, it is not just how much it costs. AF is expensive and I did not mind sharing it because it is available here. SB isn't, I can only come by SB once a year or even less.

So, they want to set up another gathering, and some other people heard of the legendary SB and want to come to the gathering. And, when they talk about the gathering, it is for granted that I will come and bring my tobacco. Last gathering they consumed tobacco worth no less than $20.

I told them I am not coming until they pitch in money for the tobacco. Guess what the responses were? I was heckled, made fun of, called cheap. One of them even said "hey so what? is it the ONE bowl each of us smokes?". another said that the bowl doesn't cost even a dollar, would u be that petty?. Mind u, these persons smoked like 3-4 bowls, each was overpacked, and they know how much the tobacco cost.

So I just decided to bail out on these gatherings, and just smoke alone at home. Maybe invite my brother-in-law who is very busy and rarely comes to smoke with me, or when my sister and her husband visit ..... This is family and I don't mind, but moochers, not for me anymore !!
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