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yeah, i've had some experiences like those prior mentioned.
When i first bought my hookah, I didnt have a place to smoke.
so i would go over to a friends house, and of course he would smoke
also, along with the usual suspects, about 7 other guys and gals...
and as soons as the supplies were gone, i had none to smoke,
these people didnt offer any help on replenishing the goods.

so i bought more myself, and we would usually do about 4 bowls.
everyday, so what i did, i cut it down to 1 bowl a session...they would complain.
and i simply said, "dudes, i buy my supplies with my money, and seeing how i'm not filthy rich and cant buy supplies every day, so i have to manage em' wisely and accordingly." without question, before the shisha ran out, they went out and bought
some to pitch in.

its simple, just make your point, fast and easy, leave no room for questions.
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