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Default Re: hookah moochers

Eh not when i smoke from my rig. If i'm smoking my own i'm either 1) at home or 2) at the college with some friends.
in case 1: only a select few friends come over to smoke and they even bought their OWN tobacco flavors they like so we can use that, and they don't mind me using some every now and again if i felt the need.
case 2: there are usually 4 hokahs set up, so not a lot of "mooching" goes on to the extent that i'd be broken, so YES there are moochers, but not too bad for me to mind.

what i DIDN'T like... is at a hookah lounge/pool hall i'd smoke at, i'd have friends of mine come and sit with me and smoke and shoot pool with me... but i'd always end up footing the tab, which sometimes because 100 bucks!!! well, after that, i said "if you don't at least pitch in a LITTLE bit, go somewhere else". Idk if they bit--ed and moaned about it because i couldn't care less to listen.

plus i had friends that WOULD pay and WOULD be like "hey pay up" if i didn't.

but those couple times mooching went unchecked... it sucked big testicles.
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