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Default Re: the Legal age of 18

Originally Posted by PCServe View Post
another question: why cant you drink alcohol before your 21 birthday
guess thats more pointless. alcohol is less harmful, than tobacco. i can buy beer, wine and stuff like that since im 16 and vodka, whiskey and other "hard" liquids since i am 18.
Alcohol isn't any less dangerous than tobacco, it's addicting, can kill (and will in large enough doses or long enough use) and kills MORE NON-USERS than ciggys (2nd hand smoke). Think how many people are killed by drunk drivers - many of the DUI'ers are fine in the accidents while it kills the unfortunate people they wrecked into.

As horrible as it seems - Rules are in place for a reason. The legal age may differ between locations, but it's there for a reason.

And even although a 16 (15-3/4'er yr old) may get a permit or a license, they still have MASSIVE limits to what they are allowed (Many states in the USA). A Permit only allows driving w/ a licensed driver and NO OTHERS. In some places, even if you have a license they won't allow a second "under 18" person in the car with a "under age" driver. Heck - even VA makes all people under 21 face a different direction on the silly license.
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