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Default Re: the Legal age of 18

Originally Posted by sammniamii View Post
Alcohol isn't any less dangerous than tobacco, it's addicting, can kill (and will in large enough doses or long enough use) and kills MORE NON-USERS than ciggys (2nd hand smoke). Think how many people are killed by drunk drivers - many of the DUI'ers are fine in the accidents while it kills the unfortunate people they wrecked into.

As horrible as it seems - Rules are in place for a reason. The legal age may differ between locations, but it's there for a reason.

And even although a 16 (15-3/4'er yr old) may get a permit or a license, they still have MASSIVE limits to what they are allowed (Many states in the USA). A Permit only allows driving w/ a licensed driver and NO OTHERS. In some places, even if you have a license they won't allow a second "under 18" person in the car with a "under age" driver. Heck - even VA makes all people under 21 face a different direction on the silly license.
the direction is so its easy for people to see if they can get alcohol or not and so its harder to make a fake ID.

ya alcohol kills more non users but its also partially due to our lack of punishment of DUIs, at least long term punishment, there are always plea bargains, and community service to get off, and its only 30 days in jail.

the punishments need to be stricter and harsher for DUIs, in places like germany they have much harsher penalties for it and there is less of an issue.

hell put breathalyzers in all cars, ill happily blow into a tube to start my car, i know you can get around those too but you cannot stop people from doing stupid things when they want to be stupid
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