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Default Re: the Legal age of 18

Originally Posted by III_3_TDS_3_III View Post
thats actually not a bad idea ^^^(the Breathalyzer thing)

we have someone that lives down the street from us and we know he has had 3 DUI's and his license has been revoked. however i see him out driving literally everyday!
they have breathalyzers that they put in peoples cars when they are repeat offenders but get like a restricted license, but a lot of them get some one else to blow in it to get around it.

just to put it out there though as food for thought, a lot of places have made it so driving while drowsy is the same as a DUI in penalties since DWD has been shown to be as dangerous as DUI

oooooo i got it better punishment, make any one convicted of multiple dui's get drunk every day and run an obstacle course until they puke or pass out... but then again that may make them alcoholics or worse alcoholics, o well then we can force them through rehab until they kick it. or maybe just force them to take the drug that makes you violently ill if you drink alcohol

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