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Cool First time Coconaras and Fusion!

Was the best smoking experience i've ever had!

I found out i have some smoke shops in my town and visited one today.
It had a bunch of hookahs and tobaco and such.

I saw starbuzz(which was extremely expensive for that size: $22-$25)
I got Fusion Lemon Mint....I LOVED IT the mint has the same effect as any other mint. when u breathe in its Cooooooool. so it owned.

Than the Cocanaras were amazing. (not better than ch ()=] )
No instant light. but fuck...well worth it.

$4.00-$5.00 for a box of 12 coconaras. bought 2 boxes =]

Money well spent for such a wonderful experience.

Cya next time! Syko-
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