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Default Re: Fish Bowl

Excellent use of a junk hookah. By the way with betas the trick is don't was it very often. They live not only in swamps but in disgusting swamps where they can neither see nor be seen. Fresh clean water makes them a bit nervous. Honestly though I don't think smoking with him in there would bother him much the shallow water would be more his thing anyway. The problem would be the ammonia getting into your smoke. It evaporates quickly and so it would be a gas getting into all that smoke. Talk about being incapacitated. He would move to the bottom of the bowl and more than likely just be a bit pissed at the disturbance. Also if he is comfortable there he will build a nest out of bubbles. That means he wants to mate destroying that really pisses him off.

Don't mate them if you don't know what you are doing. We read all about it and my wife thought it would be a good idea so we tried once. The female killed the gorgeous male so it was never tried again.
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