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Default Re: just a few concerns i have about ss

Originally Posted by bakersfield38 View Post
how useable are the $3 hoses in your experience? I was looking into buying some, but don't like the possibility of them already leaking, etc.

I bought a discounted cobra hose for $3 from them, and I've bought 2 discounted synthetic hoses from them. I still don't know why the synthetics were discounted (maybe b/c a little bit of paint is coming off, and as for the cobra, there was a tiny spot where the glue had loosened and might be considered a leak.... if you plugged up one end and blew hard into the other. Honestly I never fixed that hole and it smokes wonderfully. When buying regular hoses I buy them discounted b/c they are cheap and just as good (paid full for my large velvet rope hose, but that's worth every penny)

As for if the discount stems purge well, it doesn't look that way b/c it's discount, but because of the style. I have the same style and it purges perfectly. I've had it two years, had to clean the ball once (It's inside the little hexagonal valve opposite the hose hole.

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