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Default Little experiment of mine

Well I have a ton of old ( i wouldn't do this with fresh ) nakhla laying around. So I grabbed a ziplock bag of it and decided to make my own shisha.

1. I took about 70 grams to start off small and put my faucet on as hot as possible and put on some rubber gloves.

2. I then proceeded to wash the tobacco so i can get all the old ingredients and flavor out..the way I did that was wash it till the water that came out of the shisha was damn near clear.

3. I let it air dry for a little bit, then I took this irish cream syrup i had and put 3 ounces of it into a ziplock bag, threw in the shisha and put half an oz of honey ( to thicken it )

4. Now I have the shisha marinating in my freezer ( not for long just so the flavor can infuse a little better )

5. Then I will test it out and let you guys know.
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