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Default Re: Jewels sample came in

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
i had ordered a 50 of their double apple a while ago. it was alright, good flavor but it was really really juicy and when it was smoked out if you let it cool the molasses forms a hard nugget that is hard to clean out. so dump the shisha and clean the bowl right away when your done.

i was excited about the flavored mouth tips but they dont fit on my nammor and they are to big to use on cigs (i stopped smoking but when i got it i was still smoking cloves once in a while) but o well

as if flavored mouth tips weren't bad enough your gonna put one on a clove cigarette?! What kind of frankenstein monster are you trying to create? First Dolly the sheep and now this! I can't beleive I'm raising children in this world!!!
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