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Default Mya Diva?

Hi. I'm a super newbie to hookahs and stuff, but I am interested in purchasing my own hookah after smoking my friend's a lot.

I was searching around different websites for hookahs and I was wondering if the Mya Diva (16 inch) would be a good hookah to start with? I understand that it is a smaller hookah and it is harder to get a good smoking session with one, but do you think that it is worth $80 from It seems like a good price for something to start with, considering you get all of that extra stuff. I was also thinking about the Mya Vortex from hookah-shisha, but that is $50 more. Being in college I'm looking for a decent smoke for the price. What would you recommend? It doesn't necessarily need to be between these two either. Thanks for the help!
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