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Default Re: Mya Diva?

although MYA's are nice rigs, for alot less you can still get an excellant rig and have left over $$ for other things like the others stated:

a phunnel and mod
nammor hose
shisha & coals

I myself would lean you toward a good Eygptian or Syrain. Both will produce a quaility smoke, be long lasting, and serve you well.

I do have a question: is there a reason you where looking for such a small hookah? Is it becasue you need portability, living in a dorm, ect? If that's the case, some Syrains do come apart or a smaller 22"-26" Eypgtain wouldn't take up more space than the two MYA's you are looking at.

The other's have already listed off several decent upstanding vendors to browse: Nazarhookah & J & R Hookah, plus there are several other vendors around as well (Pirate Hookah, Hookah Life, and many more).

As much as you'll not want to hear this, take your time, browse and compair, read reviews and price compairsions. Although you may not realize it now, you're taking a HUGE step into the world of hookah - spending the extra time upfront to find a long lasting, quaility rig will save both heartache & money in the long term.

By the way - Welcome to the Board!

(edited becasue I can't speel to save my lief)
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