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Myas are solid pipes and possibly the most aesthetically pleasing ones. They can smoke great if you set them up properly and the multihose possibility is definitely a plus. If you have the cash to burn I say go for it. It is a beautiful pipe and it will do the job real nicely. There is just one issue though.....they can't purge for shit. Everyone is putting up serious hype for KM's and such but what they dont figure is that most of them brought to the states are just made with stainless steel and according to some of the vendors their quality has been dropping. SO if you don't take absolutely best care of them they will rust on you (I got a hafa working bits of brass!).....Myas on the otherhand their entire working bits are made from solid brass, the smaller myas are just cast brass. Except maybe the down tube. But even then only the downtube will be gone and you can have a new one for $20 or less.
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