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Your in college so you are probably looking for something small for either the dorm or since you move around a lot.

I have a MYA Diva and its a really great hookah. The base is very tip-resistent and the glass, at least on mine, is very high quality. I have had 0 issues with getting it to smoke right. The bowl on it is crap, but everything else is solid.

When I was in college though, I threw a lot of parties, and I know the MYA Diva would have been broken in a party session. I had a 32" all-steel rotator hookah (no glass). That thing was a beast, great for sharing at a party. It had a copper interior stem though, which eventually rusted through, which was the end of that hookah (after about 1.5 years of heavy use).

If you are looking for something small and durable, the HoboHookah is the best party hookah on the market ( Of course thats my product, but check the reviews on it in the review section, it may be what you are looking for.
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