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Default Re: Ohh Shit! is this normal?

Originally Posted by pswami View Post
The UK outlets use 230V power transformers, meaning that all appliances draw 230V for appliances. The US has 120V lines. Most, if not all, appliances made in the US are meant for 120V, but have tolerances up to 240V for international outlets. This burner may not have that tolerance...unless it's water damage, this seems like it might be the case.

You should be able to find a voltage transformer at any electronics store that will step down the voltage from 230V to 120V—assuming this is the problem, it will fix it and it should work normally.
This is very true but. Heating devices draw a lot of current, meaning high wattage. Those voltage transformers that step down the voltage need to be large enough to handle that amount of current. The more wattage they handle, the more expensive they are. I would guess that one large enough to handle a heating device would cost about ten times as much as the heating device. You are better off buying one over there that was designed to run on 240 volts.

Here is a link to one that you can buy in the UK designed to run on 240v and it comes from the UK so shipping will be cheap

Here is the LINK
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