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If you want something that could fit in a hardcase that syrial might be a bit big (although you can find a hard case, it wont be easy to transport. There are some height adjastable syrians but i dont have the time to search for them now.
The one i remember was a 30" that had a stem that splited in 3 parts, where you could remove the middle part and it became a nice 24" or 22" i dont remember for sure. i look around for those and post up a link.
most vendors also give you some samples of shisha to start with so the only additional cost should be coals + any mods you want(funnel, nammor hoses, etc) but i think they are not a priority.
Other than that i recomment starting with 50g shisha boxed (Samples) and only order tubs of the ones you like. I guess you looked arround the forum. The review section is very usefull, read through the review and decide.

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