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Default Re: Group Sponsor?!

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the participation so far, we love the feedback and the interest.

To clarify the program a bit here are some details on what is involved for both parties and how we have done it in the past with our other partner groups:

Aside from the 15% discount you currently receive through the forum. We can create specialized discounts on the products your group prefers over others, for instance if you all love to smoke Al Fakher tobacco we will provide it a prices unavailable to others, something along the lines of a buying co-op, except without all the complicated stuff.

In addition, as with the other groups we sponsor we will from time to time provide your group with sample packs of products we are testing for inclusion in our inventory or products that your group wishes to sample. We have just recently sent a partner group a welcome package with a couple of Kilos of Tangiers and Havana tobacco and some coals for the group to sample, in exchange they will receive fliers and any other group advertisements we provide to them. Whenever we consider new products for our inventory we do our best to include our partner groupsí considerations and reviews. Along with free samples and packages you will receive, included will be fliers and other misc. advertising materials. We truly want you to enjoy the free goodies we send you, but we also ask that you respect our business and provide us with meaningful feedback. That is the basic extent of our sponsorship.

If there are any products in particular which your groups would like to sample from our website please send us a list and we will see what we can put together, we are usually able to fulfill all requests. We also request, although itís not required, that you provide us with pictures of your group gatherings for inclusion in a section of our website to be released at a later date.

We strive for this relationship to grow into something mutually beneficial and rewarding for all the participants.

Hope this helps and if there are any more detailed questions please contact us directly via PM or email.

Best Regards,
Mike and Eugene
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