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Originally Posted by Hielz View Post
So I tried out my very first hookah for the very first time a couple days ago. Pharaoh's chocolate mint was the shisha, and let me tell you, I didn't realize Pharaoh's was unwashed (I wouldn't have even known what that meant at the time).

Yeah...I felt pretty sick that night...haha.

My local shops have few and far between to select from, Pharaoh's being the most prominent brand for some reason, so I think I'll start ordering online, does anyone have any good "noob flavor" suggestions on washed shisha?
Pharoahs actually is washed but it's natural to get alil dizzy the first few times you smoke.
If you think pharoahs laid you out, than Nakhla will do the same and throw in afew kicks once your down! I don't really smoke washed brands as of late,but havana is one of my favs.
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