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Default Re: Who makes the best grape shisha

Originally Posted by prince of hooka View Post
are you sure? anybody has any input on this or bad a bad batch or experience with AF golden grape
Check out the review section first of all I dont think there is a single one saying AF Golden black grape is bad ( too lazy atm to confirm it ).. but I can definetly say I have not heard one single complaint on this one. the cut is good, its very well tasting and smokes excellent so I woudl definetly go with that.. And there are many AF haters.. I respect that as well since it really seems that AF has made some very bad calls lately and I understand if people are let down.. But its not every shisha and though mostly it's about AF grape ( aka ketchup ) , I have this flavour myself and it is excellent!!!
I'd go with it or Al Amir grape ( havent tried that one but I trust Ninemillimeter since he's going crazy for it wanting to buy a kiloe! )
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