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Default Re: Anybody Blow Glass

Originally Posted by 1lowtoy View Post
I actuall just signed up for a lampworking class at my local glass studio. there going to do more than the standard beading there going to also do blown hollow beasds so maby i can help you out in time i want to buy the equipment for my self but since a good torch is over 450 dollars its gonna be a minute before i could make one without studio time. i plan on posting pics of my work starting next thursday after class suposidly we start making stuff the first night. I cant wait it sure looks fun and the finished products just look awsome.
at least the tools you need to lamp work you can do for relatively cheap (torch and annealer), hot fab'ing its like 100k for a studio, and still 2-5k for basic tools if you rent space

but as to the tips, they probably should be double or triple blown (thickness of the glass) and it should be quick and easy to do, just figure out the shape and start with a sealed tube that will fit the side you need on the hose and form it from there, then just blow the hole out at the end, should only take a few mins to do

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