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Question Looking for a shisha that tastes like, well, tobacco.

I'm looking for a type of shisha that has a real tobacco taste. I love the taste of true blue unadulterated tobacco. I'd be more than willing to buy some traditional style type tobacco, but first i'd like to check if there's any modern type shisha that has a taste of the likes.

I was browsing around some sites, and the only thing i really saw that might seem like it'd taste like tobacco is Nakhla Zaghloul, AF Cigar, or AF Pipe. Although i've heard AF Pipe tastes chocolatey by looking at the reviews section and peoples other input on here. And i searched the AF thread for "cigar" and no matches come up.

I'll probably wind up having to try some traditional style tobacco, most likely the Desi Merli or something of the sorts, but i just thought i'd check to see if anyone's tried something like this before i do.
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