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Default Re: the magdy has arived

well we smoked two bowls out of it... first bowl being starbuzz wildberry mint... very good, the glass is thick as hell seriously... the vase feels like its 8 pounds alone... the stem is really light but looks and feels quite sturdy... its definitely not a portable hookah :X the stem is huge... but I plan on it being the center peice for my appt when i move come january... didnt think to take pics sorry sam.. i will get some though... it looks really nice... and will make a great center peice

i really cant think of anything bad about it... except the portability issue but the mya makes up for that... i got my party hookah and my chill hookah and its awesome...

hehe also it came with some cool freebies some pens that have like a banner that pulls out of them, a huge al fahker sticker, and a very nice deck of cards... also came with basic accessories... although i cant use them lol... the wind cover is too small for my small funnel... and dont smoke without the funnel lol

overall i give it a 9/10 if it was a little more portable i would definetly give it a 10 out of 10 and for the price... its great...

p.s. i know this is review like so eventually you can move it to the review section if you wish
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