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Default Re: Looking for a shisha that tastes like, well, tobacco.

A few things: There is no product on the U.S. market that tastes like pipe tobacco and only a few very hard to find products in the Middle East that have cigar like qualities. That being said, several products are around in the states that have high quality tobacco tastes and they are as follows:

Hookah-Hookah Cavendish: No it doesn't taste like Cavendish but it is a mildly sweet product with a nice, natural taste.

Zaghloul and Salloum Plain: I haven't tried the light version but Zaghloul Salloum Plain are excellent and cheap. You need to read my article about how to smoke these sorts of products before trying them.

Desi Merli Plain: Once you read my article about how to smoke this product and act accordingly you'll have the best product on on the American market in terms of natural tobacco tastes.

Havana Pipe: This is a product I enjoy highly. A mellow and rich taste with mild spicy notes. It doesn't really tate like pipe tobacco but it's really great in it's own right.

AF Pipe: It doesn't taste at all like pipe tobacco and if you want a chocolate/mocha type taste HH's Mocha is much better.

AF Cigar: Never had it but I keep hearing so much negative comments I am not interested in trying it.

AF Soft Black: You ccan get this any where but N. America with easy and it's a rich, heavy tasting product that makes me glad I discovered tobacco.

The thing to remember is that if you don't set up Salloum Plain, Zaghloul or Desi Merli properly they are horrid. Also, don't smoke these product like a typical American style candied moassel unless you you want to be uncouncious and have a charred larynx.
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