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Originally Posted by craigz View Post
I went to try to purge my hookah after adding the straw as you said and it seemed to work fine. Much of the smoke came out, not all, but most which is pretty much what I was hoping for. I then decided to be an a-hole and I purged the shit out of it and water came up my stem, ruined the bowl I had, and destroyed my LAST two coals. I have never done that before, is my hookah supposed to allow me to purge so hard that water goes up the stem?
physics dude. you cant blow that hard. it creates air flow that cannot escape fast enough through the purge valve, which creates pressure that pushes down on the water. the water pressure has to be released somewhere...logically speaking, it would have to go up the tube.

ive drilled my purge valves to create an insane amount of air flow, so you can blow as hard as you possibly can and nothing will happen...however i dont really super purge, i just drilled it so the air escapes faster really.
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