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Default Re: Looking for a shisha that tastes like, well, tobacco.

Originally Posted by Gift3d View Post
Oooh for sure MrB, i'd love to try a little of it before going crazy and buying a bunch of it online. But i've never done any sort of trade or sent/recieved samples with other users, so i'd have to familiarize myself with the common etiquette and such things like that. I'll throw you a PM. Thanks!

Also a quick question about the Desi Merli that i didn't exactly find while looking up how to set it up, would 3K QL's work with it, or are naturals a must? Maybe QL's would be too big, all i've got at the moment is a few rolls of 40mm 3k QLs. Wish my local shop sold exoticas ><

I've always been a Nakhla fan and have always been curious about the Zaghloul, and my curiosity is starting to get the best of me. Definitely will give it a shot, finally :P
Break the QL into 3 or 4 pieces. Then pout one on each side. You should really only need one QL coal; or 2 Coconara, Awa'el, 2/4 Exotica, 2 *************, 2 Starlight
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