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Default Egytian Jurak

Recently while I was out of town I ran to a kid that gave me a sample of Egyptian Jurak in trade for some Afzal Paan. Apparently the kid bought the stuff in a place called Asyut the packing looked a bit Al Waha did back 12 years ago or so in that the jurak was simply wrapped in celophane a sticker with with a logo in Arabic sealed it.

The jurak is called something like "Evening Joy" although I am not sure if that is the flavour or the brand. The cut is very long unwahsed tobacco that is dark brown and fairly dry as a result of it not traveling well.

Taste wise I'd say it's sort of like what they call in the West "Oriental style pipe tobacco" with some peppery/clove like notes and a strong after taste of molasses. It doesn't produce a lot smoke but the texture is very full bodied. I'd say that this is a very nice although radically different sort of tobacco product. It is also very strong and deffinately not meant to be huffed on like Fantasia.
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